The Team

BuildForward is comprised of a team of professionals from the fields of asset management, investment banking, architecture, academia, and real estate, including energy efficiency experts, contractors, tradespeople, and peer-to-peer innovators. Our goal is to further the expansion of deep energy efficiency construction into the existing footprint of NYC real estate and then to the rest of the country.

Executive Team - BuildForward Capital LLC

Executive Team - BuildForward Design LLC

Board of Directors

Founding Lenders

The BuildForward lending model is anchored by its high-value lenders network, similar to a crowdfunding model for individuals and a syndication model for institutions. Our loan network was founded by several pioneering investors who have committed capital to fund projects during the initial year of operations. Given our peer-to-peer model, the expertise of our management team in combination with our lenders is vital to the success of the BuildForward mission.


  • Edwin Cohen
  • Jayne Raper
  • Jennifer van der Meer
  • Leslie Teicholz
  • Lucian Cohen
  • Melissa Ruttner
  • Neil Stahl
  • Ravi Suria