Green City Force

Green City Force is a Founding Partner for BuildForward and the cornerstone of our community and jobs efforts.

The BuildForward attempt to impact the way the real estate industry sets carbon footprint involves enhancing the ability of the existing delivery infrastructure in the construction industry. Once projects are funded, implementation of BuildForward’s standards at the worksite requires added skills on behalf of the tradespeople and contractors.

With the expected increase in energy efficient construction activity through BuildForward, contractors performing the upgrades will have openings for skilled workers. These workers will require expertise in the many techniques that BuildForward projects use in order to achieve the highest levels of energy efficiency.

BuildForward wants young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, thousands of whom are unemployed, to have access to these jobs. To ensure that this demographic gets the skills and experience necessary to work on these projects and succeed, BuildForward has partnered with Green City Force.

Green City Force serves low-income young people and trains them for jobs in the green economy by having them work on green service projects throughout New York City. BuildForward is partnering with Green City Force to develop a curriculum for their Corps Members that will train them in BuildForward’s standards, and prepare these young people to work with the contractors.

In turn, contractors will get the skilled workers they need, and BuildForward will make sure that there is a pathway for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to benefit from the success of BuildForward’s mission.